Wedding Photographer and Pre-Wedding Photographer Vienna

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I'm a wedding photographer from England and I can give you the beautiful wedding and pre-wedding photos that you are looking for!
If you want a photographer for your wedding or a pre-wedding photoshoot in Vienna then look no further!

I love to photograph a wedding and to capture all those beautiful moments from one of the most romantic days of our lives.
I always work together with my wife and whether you have a small wedding or a large wedding, we would love to be there for you!

Great Photos, Happy Clients

Colin had great ideas and the outcome of the photos was amazing. Never thought that I could look like that.


Colin is such a talented pro-photographer. I highly recommend him!


Thanks to his great photos I now have three auditions set up and it’s only been a few days. Highly recommended!


Really nice and talented photographer! I LOVE the photos and I got them right after the shooting. 😉


Colin is a great and professional Photographer 🙂
We did an extraordinary shooting, got awesome pics.


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I was born and raised in England and studied for my bachelor and doctorate degrees at Imperial College, London. In 2008, I setup my photostudio in the heart of Vienna, Austria and since then, I have had many exhibitions and my photos have won many awards.

My wife, Ida, is also a very talented photographer and will often accompany me as a second photographer for weddings or as my assistant during studio shoots. Along with artistic photoshoots, I can also be booked as a wedding photographer or a portrait photographer and I can work with English- and German-speaking clients (Ida also speaks fluent Chinese if necessary)

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