A half-day workshop where we will be shooting with the fabulous Sally and going through the entire shoot from finding inspiration to capturing the shot.

Location: Studio Vickers. Richtergasse 1A/3, 1070 Wien

Time: Sunday 26th March 12:30-18:00

Photographer Level: Any

Requirements: Camera with a flash hotshoe and lens between 35-85mm

Language: English

Participants: Minimum 1/Maximum 4

Price: €249


It is often inspiring to see how other photographers work and with this workshop, you can get a good idea about my workflow as we go through and shoot together with the model. We will be looking for inspiration and deciding upon different styles before trying them out in the studio.


Sally will be our nude model for this workshop and you can see her in the pictures below (if she cannot make it, we will find another model). You can also find some more photos of sally here



The preliminary plan for the day is (please note, this may be subject to change):

12:30-13:00 Arrival and refreshments at the studio

Coffee, Tea, and pastries will be available as participants gather at the studio.


13:00-13:30 Finding inspiration

We will brainstorm and decide what styles to shoot.


13:30-18:00 Shooting

We will explore the chosen styles along with the model in order to find beautiful lighting and photos.
Each participant will have the opportunity to take photos


18:00-18:30 Recap, questions

We will quickly go through what we have learned and participants can ask any questions they have.


18:30-21:00 Relaxing at the bar (optional)

After the shoot, you are welcome to join us relaxing at the bar opposite the studio. They have great food and beer.




Please note that if the required number of participants is not met 24 hours before the workshop is due to start, the workshop will be cancelled and all participants will be informed via email and any payments will be refunded in full.


Full refunds are available up to 48 hours before the workshop is due to start – please inform me via email. After this time, no refunds are available.