Give your loved ones a present of a lifetime with this gift voucher for a photoshoot at Studio Vickers.

This includes: a photoshoot at Studio Vickers (lasts about 5 hours). High resolution jpgs will be provided on a USB stick. A make-up artist is available on request (costs €79)

By purchasing this product, you will receive a voucher in .pdf form that has a unique code that can be redeemed at Studio Vickers for a Standard Photoshoot.

Please note, this does not include a make-up artist or any additional image post-processing. There may be additional costs for complicated or ‘messy’ setups such as setting up the trampoline/water pool & spray or cleaning up after liquids/flour have been flung around. The voucher code can only be used once and will be valid for 6 months after purchase. Refunds are not available.