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I'm a professional fine-art photographer from England and work in my photo studio in central Vienna, Austria.
If you want a fine-art photoshoot in Vienna then look no further!

As a fine-art photographer for more than 10 years, I have had hundreds of creative and artistic photoshoots with 'everyday people' and I know exactly which light and poses to use to bring out their best sides.

Stress-Free: Photoshoots are relaxed and stress free - even for complete beginners, there's nothing to worry about.

Experienced: Over the last ten years, I have had hundreds of fine-art photoshoots with hundreds of models - many first-timers.
I'm used to working with all body types and know how to light you at your best.

Professional: My photo studio is one of the best in Vienna. I use professional camera gear and work with professional make-up artists.

Safe: I always ensure a female assistant is present during photoshoots. You're also welcome to bring a friend.

Discreet: I will never publish your photos without your consent. You decide who sees your photos.

Great Photos, Happy Clients

Colin had great ideas and the outcome of the photos was amazing. Never thought that I could look like that.


Colin is such a talented pro-photographer. I highly recommend him!


Thanks to his great photos I now have three auditions set up and it’s only been a few days. Highly recommended!


Really nice and talented photographer! I LOVE the photos and I got them right after the shooting. 😉


Colin is a great and professional Photographer 🙂
We did an extraordinary shooting, got awesome pics.


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I was born and raised in England and studied for my bachelor and doctorate degrees at Imperial College, London. In 2008, I setup my photostudio in the heart of Vienna and since then, I have had many exhibitions and my photos have won many awards.

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